What is T.E.A.M?

The Technological Education Association of Missouri, or TEAM, hosts a yearly competition to get the projects that they have worked on judged. The students can win medals if their projects are judged high enough. These projects include feats of both wood and metal engineering that these students have put much effort and passion into. Below are some projects students have presented. The students can win medals if their projects are judged high enough. Here are some of the projects that have been presented by students in past years.

The Association is a professional, non-profit, educational association devoted to the development and advancement of industrial technology and engineering education in the State of Missouri. The Purpose: To define, stimulate, and strive for the ideal forms of industrial technology education; to promote industrial technology and engineering education as a vital, integral aspect of education for all students at all educational levels throughout the State of Missouri: to promote the improvement of the quality of instruction in industrial technology and engineering education; to encourage and assist educators and others to keep instructional content, methods, and facilities current with changes in industry, technology, jobs, occupations, and careers; to recognize and reward the achievements of both industrial technology teachers and students; to assist members in their professional growth; and to coordinate and promote the activities of district and local industrial technology associations.

For more information about T.E.A.M, including upcoming events, visit https://moteam.org/