What is the NRL?

The National Robotics League (NRL) is a program dedicated to helping students collaborate with like-minded peers and reach their fullest potential. The NRL’s mission is to provide exciting, hands-on experiential STEM learning experiences through business/education partnerships that will spark interest and build the current and future workforce needed by the manufacturing industry. Students participating in this competition learn important skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership.

The competitors face off in a Battlebots manner (view the competitions page located in the gallery for demonstrations). The competition is a fierce battle between different schools’ bots. The opponents are chosen through a bracket system where one bot wins and moves on to the next fight after a short repair break, and the losing bot moves to the loser’s bracket where they can fight their way back up. After a loss in the losers bracket, the bot is fully knocked out of the competition. Win or lose, the competition is an amazing way for students to grow and flourish as a team and for individuals to experience the pressure and thrill of competition.

The NRL wishes for every student in the United States of America to understand, explore, and consider manufacturing, IT, and many other career options. With the providing of exciting and real-life experiences, they hope they spark interest and build up the much-needed future workforce .

For more information about the NRL, including upcoming events, visit gonrl.org