FZW Jaguar Robotics Team

About Us

Welcome to the Jaguar Robotics Team! We are a high school combat robotics team that participates in the NRL under Fort Zumwalt West High School. Each year, we compete in the National Robotics League (NRL), a national competition in which each team must design and manufacture a 15-pound robot built to compete in intense combat. Multiple universities and high schools across the nation compete in the League. Most recently, we competed in the BotsIQ National Championship, also called the “Burgh’ Bash” in 2023. There, Blitz placed 9th, Supernova placed 25th, and Sabertooth placed 32nd.

Our Mission

As a Robotics team, our mission is to provide students that attend West High the opportunity to be part of a community where they can learn something beyond what they learn in regular school classes. Jaguar Robotics has done exactly that, having created an environment that allows student to collaborate, learn, and grow in the STEM field, as well as public and community relations.